Factors Affecting Thai Customers Decision Making to Choose Five-star Hotel along the River in Bangrak District, Bangkok

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Pattanan Klongsungsorn
Boonyarat Samphanwattanachai


The purposes of this research were (1) to study demographic, marketing mix, service quality, and brand image factors that affects Thai customer decision to choose Five-star hotels along the river in Bangrak District, Bangkok; and (2) to study the relationship between each factors and decision to choose Five-star hotels along the river in Bangrak District, Bangkok.

     Five-star hotels along the river that attract tourists with their guaranteed high-standard facilities and quality services become more competitive and constantly need to not only maintain but also enhance their service standards to guarantee customer satisfaction. Unwind of economic recession and political instability also boughs dramatic increase of hotel demand. Likewise, the market competition leads to further expansion of the hotel business and other residence businesses in the market. The growing variety of residence businesses such as resorts, guesthouses, condominiums, and homestay possibilities with different prices, room sizes, service qualities, facilities, location conveniences, and safety provide even more options for various customer segments, so tourists can easily choose what suits their requirement in terms of personal preferences, income, and purpose of traveling.

     The research sample consisted of 405 target customers using non-probability sampling technique; quota sampling to divided the questionnaire into equal amount for 3 target five –star hotel; 135 from Hotel A, 135 from Hotel B, and 135 from Hotel C with equal amount from male and female sampling population.   The research found that demographics is the only factor that does not affect customer decision making to choose five-star hotel along the river. Service quality, brand image, marketing mix, and customer decision making process more or less have affect to their decision making. Service quality is one of the most factor customer concern and agreed that it could substitute some weakness of the hotel.

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Klongsungsorn , P. ., & Samphanwattanachai, B. . . (2020). Factors Affecting Thai Customers Decision Making to Choose Five-star Hotel along the River in Bangrak District, Bangkok . Dusit Thani College Journal, 13(2), 154–166. Retrieved from https://so01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/journaldtc/article/view/241061
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