Factors Relating to Food Truck Consumer Behavior in Pattaya City, Chonburi Province

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Kunlaya Sroysing
Kasaemsook Kiewthong
Sermsak Kluebthong
Chanika Sriwannawit


The purpose of this research was to study Food Truck consumer behavior, service marketing mix (7P’s) and the personal factors of consumers and relationship between service marketing mix factors (7P’s) and Food Truck consumer behavior in Pattaya city, Chonburi Province. The sample of this study consisted of 420 Food Truck consumers. A questionnaire was used as a tool to collect data. The data was analyzed by Frequency, Percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation and Chi-Square.

The result of this study revealed that 1) consumers bought food and beverages from Food Truck 2-3 times per month and mostly during weekends (Saturday and Sunday), and spent 101-200 Baht per time, and most of them got information about Food Trucks from their relatives. 2) most of participants evaluated service marketing mix (7P’s) in the aspect of the physical presentation at the highest level followed by process and people respectively. 3) the demographics of consumers (age, education level, occupation, and income) related to Food Truck consumer behavior in all aspects at a significant level of 0.05. 4) the service marketing mix (7Ps) was significantly related with Food Truck consumer behavior at a level of 0.05 in the aspect or frequency of usage, date and time of usage, cost, and information channels.

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Sroysing, K. . ., Kiewthong, K. . ., Kluebthong, S. . ., & Sriwannawit, C. . . (2020). Factors Relating to Food Truck Consumer Behavior in Pattaya City, Chonburi Province . Dusit Thani College Journal, 13(2), 230–247. Retrieved from https://so01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/journaldtc/article/view/241069
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