Accommodation Business Development in Accordance with Guidelines of Universal Design

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Monsirada Thongkerd


Accommodation business is growing rapidly. Send to hotel operators to expand business. To get a better tourism situation. By entering into the hotel business market in the form of the original business development, acquisition, and hotel business mergers in the market. And the form of investment to build a new hotel. For the expansion must be accompanied by the development of modern business. And to meet the needs of users or tourists as perfectly. From the projection of Thailand, there is a change in population structure. Moving the "Elderly Population" is the same as other countries. Based on data from the Institute for Population and Social Research 2557). The 60 year old Thai population in 2077 is projected to increase to 19 million, representing 29 percent of the country's population. With the current lifestyle, it makes more chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure. If not treated properly, it will result in disability in the future. Therefore, the housing business that has begun to develop in the latter. Focus on the development of accommodation. Using the concept of civilization. This is a guide to developing a business. To support the elderly and disabled tourists.

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