Business Development Guidelines to Support Tourism Behaviours of Elders Travelling in Thailand

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Wilasinee Yonwikai


The increasing number of elderly population worldwide affects changes in various types of businesses including tourism in which elderly tourists are the group of tourists with high purchasing power. They spend longer to travel than other groups of tourists focusing on tourism and the receive of good quality services that are worth considering the price but not necessarily be the lowest price. They also give an emphasis on self-satisfaction and times when deciding on the attractions and services, thus they have a thorough and careful decision in buying and using the service. This abstract aims to impart the knowledge in literature related both Thai and international and finally brings into the important issues that will benefit the tourism-related sector in Thailand to see what should be improved or changed in terms of policies in supporting the opportunities from the increasing number of seniors in various countries around the world. Government agencies should support development of facilities whether in public transportation or information technology and promote a variety of language education to the people for the understandable communication. These reinforce traveling experiences for elders from various countries in all dimensions and more profound. For business sector, it should increase marketing promotion to target groups of potential elderly tourists organising popular tourist programs such as health tourism in which Thailand has the strengths in natural environment, cultural tourism with unique local wisdom and long-term travel that is worthwhile. There also should be public relations information that expresses the safety of tourism in Thailand with the principles of design that support travel and daily life of the elderly including travel safety, and Thai elderly care service with international service standards that the tourists will receive.

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