The Importance of Food Styling and Food Photography Towards Customers’ Perspective at Kitchen Corner Café

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Pimphattra Vijitbunyanon


This aims to study about the importance of food styling and food photography towards customers’ perspective at Kitchen Corner Café, as well as understanding the relationship between food photography technique and food styling in front of camera which influences the customer to be aware of the cafe. Additionally, food styling is extremely useful in making the food look more appetizing and appealing to the customers. Furthermore, to describe the sensory evaluation by sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste to attract customer’s interest towards food presentation. Therefore, food styling for camera is also a helpful tool for social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, magazine and application to attract customer’s attention. Moreover, basic photography technique for food photography can capture the best shot and create special effect to the photo. This allow to create food storytelling to the dish for customer at Kitchen Corner Café, a casual dining café in Bangkok

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