From Kitchen to Conversation: A Study of Characteristics and Usages of Food-related Idioms in Thai Language

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Nisa Buranapawang


From the point of view of the former generation, not only is food one of the basic needs, but it could also be rendered as a tool to discipline their descendants. The subtle creation of various Thai idioms related to food which plays a pivotal role in one’s daily life contributed to a verification of Thai local wisdom. Based on this study, the characteristics of food-related Thai idioms can be classified according to the content they feature: Thai idioms featuring cooking equipment and food ingredients, Thai idioms featuring cooking method, Thai idioms featuring type of food, and Thai idioms featuring one’s manners. Furthermore, the meanings of such idioms were investigated in terms of their literal meanings, metaphorical meanings, contextual meanings, as well as their connotations. On top of that, this study explored the usage of food-related idioms in different situations and with different purposes including to express disapproval, to give warnings, to give opinions, to give compliments, and to be sarcastic.

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