Marketing Competency Development for Pandan Salted Egg Product Produced by Thaiphuen Community, Nakhonnayok Province

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Petcharat Mesomboonpoonsuk
Sureeporn Nipithwittaya
Akhilesh Trivedi


This research was aimed mainly at determining guidelines for developing marketing competency for pandan salted egg products produced by Thaiphuen community in Nakhon Nayok province, Thailand. The survey research was used in collecting data from 204 respondents who have consumed pandan salted egg products of this community. The convenience sampling was employed along with a research tool, a self-administered questionnaire. The research results showed the opinion of customers toward the marketing mix of pandan salted egg product. They rated the overall marketing mix: product, price, place, and promotion, at a moderate level of agreement. In details, the aspect of the product was rated at a high level of agreement. The aspects of price and promotion were rated at a moderate level of agreement. The aspect of the place was rated at a low level of agreement. Finally, more than half of the customers confirmed that they had a tendency to buy pandan salted egg product in the future. This research contributes the valuable recommendations for the relevant state sector and Thaiphuen community in developing marketing competency to strengthen their income sustainably.


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Mesomboonpoonsuk, P. . ., Nipithwittaya, S. . ., & Trivedi, A. . . (2020). Marketing Competency Development for Pandan Salted Egg Product Produced by Thaiphuen Community, Nakhonnayok Province. Dusit Thani College Journal, 13(3), 246–261. Retrieved from
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