The Marketing Mix Affecting Decision to Buy Street Food at Train Night Market Ratchada

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Pongpat Runla
Pakamas Chairatana


This study has proposes 1) to examine the characteristics of population and the marketing mix factors of Thai consumers at Train Night Market Ratchada 2) to examine the characteristics and Thai consumer behaviors in Train Night Market Ratchada. The sample used in this research is the consumers who eat street food at Train Night Market Ratchada. This is a quantitative research. 400 questionnaires are used to collect data. The statistics used to analyze data in this research is descriptive statistics which are Percentage, Mean and Standard Deviation.

The study results are shown as followed 1) Most people who answer the questionnaires, are male aged from 20 to 29 with a degree of bachelor or equivalent, make a living by serving the government or state enterprise, earn salary of 15,001 – 20,000 baht. 2) Behavior of consumers found most consumers travelled with friends in a group of two and were the fourth time of visiting, they know the information from the friends and relatives, visit the market on weekends, spend less than 200 baht a time and will come back to visit. 3) The importance of marketing mix that affects the decision making of street food purchasing at Train Night Market Ratchada which is at average level. (Mean = 3.11) This can be classified into topics. Product topic is at high level. (Mean = 3.43) Price topic is at average level. (Mean = 2.99) Sale channel topic is at average level. (Mean = 3.07) Sale promotion topic is at average level. (Mean = 2.94) Personnel topic is at average level. (Mean = 3.43) Service processing topic is at average level. (Mean = 3.27) Physical topic and packaging topic have Mean of 3.14 and 3.09 consecutively.

This research can create benefits to tourism and merchants in Train Night Market Ratchada.It is necessary for the government and private sectors to support and make a strategy for the strength of street food in Thailand and build confidence to consumers from product topic, price topic, sale channel topic, marketing promotion topic, personnel topic, service processing topic, physical topic, packaging topic including the cooperation of elevating street food to international standard so as to promote Thailand street food to be the tourist destination in the future.

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