Factors Affecting Elderly Tourists’ Decision Making to Choose the Accommodations in Chiang Mai

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Thinnakorn Tib-Intha
Pakamas Chairatana


The objectives of this research were 1) to investigate individual factors in choosing accommodations for the elderly tourists in Chiang Mai 2) to study the elderly tourists’ behavior in choosing accommodations and the importance of the marketing mix that affects to elderly tourists’ decisions in choosing accommodations in Chiang Mai. The sample used in this research was the elderly tourists who traveled and chose the accommodations in Chiang Mai. The data were collected by using questionnaire of the qualitative research instrument. The statistics used descriptive research were percentage, average, and standard deviation.

In this research, the results showed that:  1) The most of participants were males, aged between 60-65 years old, single and hold bachelor’s degree. Most of them had private business and earned personnel’s income between 20,001 – 25,000 baths per month. They traveled from the central of Thailand. 2) The behavior of elderly tourists visited Chiang Mai once a month for traveling and relaxing by using private car. They often chose to stay at hotel for 2 nights and did recreation activities. Besides, most of them traveled with their family. 3) The importance of the marketing mix that effects on making decision of elderly tourists in choosing their accommodations to stay in Chiang Mai was at highest level. The average score was 4.30 in overall and when considering each  aspects, it revealed that percentages of production was 4.48, followed by percentages of the channel of distribution 4.46, percentages of the physical evidence and presentation 4.45, percentages of the promotion 4.44, percentages of people 4.29, percentages of price 4.25 and percentages of process 4.24 respectively.

     This research could be beneficial for the tourism authority and the entrepreneur of the accommodations business in Chiang Mai. The government should support and launch strategic policy to develop tourism industry and tourist attractions in Chiang Mai, including facilities, recreation activities, accommodations, food and beverage, privileges, cooperating on renovation accommodations as well as being ideal host for welcoming elderly tourists who visit Chiang Mai.

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