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Chonthicha Rungsattra Rungsattra
Keerati Trakansiriwanich
Weerapon Thongma
Yutthakarn Waiarpha


This qualitative and quantitative study aimed to explore model of long stay tourism for Korean tourists visiting Thailand: a case study of Chiang Mai province.  The sample group consisted of 293 Korean tourists and 3 representatives of the executive committee of long stay Koreans Club, Chiang Mai province.  A set of questionnaires and an interview were used for data collection and analyzed by using descriptive statistics. Findings were as follows : 1) Push factors on tourism included : too much concept, high pressure condition, aging society, high cost of living, need for starting a new life, and the social current about studying abroad. 2) Pull factors on tourism included: calm city, good tourism image, good climate and topography, low cost of living, good educational system, standard service, hospitality, safety. 3) Factors having influence on decision-making of the Korean tourists included: father/husband, family financial status, information perception through Kakao Talk, similar culture, convenience facilitators of Korean networks. 4) Good attitude/ satisfaction. 5) Travelling behaviors: quality services of the business and the public sectors, convenience facilities in the residence, calm and safety, sport tourism (golf), aging people tourism, wellness tourism and good standard of the educational system.  Important factors which would develop form of long stay tourism for Korean tourists were promotion of cross-cultural communication, participation in social activities between Thai and Korean tourists, development of standard visa checking, and development of public/ private sector personnel to cope with long stay tourism for Korean tourists.

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Rungsattra, C. . R., Trakansiriwanich, K. . ., Thongma, W. . ., & Waiarpha , Y. . (2021). MODEL OF LONG STAY TOURISM FOR KOREAN TOURISTS VISITING THAILAND: A CASE STUDY OF CHIANG MAI PROVINCE. Dusit Thani College Journal, 15(1), 49–65. Retrieved from
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