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Chaikitti Keaokong
Siripong Rugmai


This research objectives were 1) to study current situation, problems, and obstacles of management and 2) to propose management guidelines of the Modern Construction Material Stores. The main informants were 16 entrepreneurs of Construction Material Stores in Muang district, Surat Thani Province. Data were collected by in-depth interview and analyzed by content analysis.

The results found that most Construction Material Stores were registered as sole proprietors. The business have been operating for more than 10 years. The main customers are villagers, due to the Economic Fluctuations causing consumers to be careful in their spending. There is a more economical behavior change. Consumers are planning on spending the money and reduce luxury spending. 2) Competition from other entrepreneurs of material stores is increasing in Mueang Surat Thani district viz consumers have more options thus causing consumers to purchase fewer construction materials causing the income to decrease which counts as an impact on each other. 3) Product problems; There are many types of products and a lot of so it’s difficult to checking the stock and the product does not satisfy customers' requirements including some products are large such as glass or aluminum makes it difficult for lifting the product and transportation.

The management guidelines of the Modern Construction Material Stores are: 1) The main activities including the supply chain is procurement of raw materials with most operators purchase raw materials through distributors from the company. The operational is product management by placing products into categories, inventory management, the business has inventory control with computer application to calculate the suitability to order and employee management by clearly dividing duties as salesman must have expertise and knowledge in selling and can explain product. Distribution is selling products to consumers directly. 2) Additional activities consisted of Strategic planning is observing the buying behavior of customers and select products to satisfy customers' requirements. Human Resource Management is giving knowledge about products to employees to build sales confidence and financial management is to make clear accounts and focuses on selling it in cash to have cash flow within the business.

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Keaokong, C. . ., & Rugmai, S. . . (2021). MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES OF THE Modern CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL STORES IN SURAT THANI PROVINCE. Dusit Thani College Journal, 15(1), 135–151. Retrieved from
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