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Tust Tansatien
Rangsan Kiatpanont


This qualitative research aimed to explore customer insight of steak lovers. By following the design thinking process, it was conducted an in-depth interview with twenty customers who love steak and always visit steakhouse restaurant. Researcher also present customers with several steakhouse designs to empathize with their opinion regarding those designs.

          Results of the study revealed that the beginning of beef lovers started from their first impression of beef. Finding a steakhouse restaurant, they like to search information of steak houses by using online platforms including Facebook, Google, YouTube, Wongnai, Pantip as well as food delivery application such as Grab, Lineman and Food panda. They considered restaurants' content from social media, influencers' opinion, reasonable price and easily accessible location as important factors to choose a restaurant.

          Moreover, by presenting several steakhouse designs (MVP), they tend to love the exterior design that makes them chill out as well as have a unique identity. The distinctive expression of cowboy-style western and cow’s signage also enhances the store's recognition for customers. Next, they favor the high-ceiling interior design to make them feel airy. The warm light with the proper level of interior illumination is also concerned. Well-designed counter bar and indoor plant decoration are also helpful for making restaurants more attractive. In addition, the restaurant menu is similarly crucial. For examples, food pictures inside the menu should be clearly illustrated, and inside information should be easy to understand and be informative enough for deciding. Lastly, the cooked meat itself must be soft and juicy with the right cooking level. The dish decoration should demonstrate the restaurant's attention to deliver the best meal to their customers.

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Tansatien, T. ., & Kiatpanont, R. . (2021). STUDY OF STEAKHOUSE CUSTOMER INSIGHT FOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES DESIGN BY DESIGN THINKING PROCESS. Dusit Thani College Journal, 15(3), 70–87. Retrieved from
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