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Panisara Kongkaew
Natnaree Smith


The purpose of this research was 1) to study tourists' general information in selecting resort services in Krasae Sin District, Songkhla Province. 2) to study tourists' behavior in selecting resort services in Krasae Sin District, Songkhla Province and 3) to study the physical evidence needs of Thai tourists in selecting resort services in Krasae Sin District, Songkhla Province. The research instruments in this study were a survey questionnaire of 420 Thai tourists. The data was analyzed by frequency distribution, percentage, and standard deviation.

The results of the research revealed that the majority of Thai tourists were single females aged between 21 and 30 years, with bachelor’s degrees and an average monthly income of less than or equal to 15,000 baht. The majority of Thai tourists' behavior in selecting was for tourism and leisure purposes, 95.2%. They found out about the resort's information from friend recommendations or reviews on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). 83.8% Tourists often book a room via mobile phone applications and the resort website, 43.8%. Most of them were travelling by private car, 77.9%, with their family, 46.0%. The Thai tourists mostly stayed at the resorts between February and May (summer), 52.6%. The average length of stay was 2 days, 52.1%. The average resort stay frequency was 2-3 times per year, 54.8%. Three-star resorts, 40.5% with standard room accommodations averaging 1,001-2,000 Baht per night, were the most popular choice. 52.4%. The most popular activity during the stay was sightseeing and tourist attractions around the resort areas, up 55.2%. The majority of Thai tourists need physical evidence in selected resort services in Krasae Sin District, Songkhla Province, where layout and ambience are dominant.

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Kongkaew, P. ., & Smith, N. . (2021). PHYSICAL EVIDENCE NEEDS OF THAI TOURISTS IN SELECTING RESORT SERVICE IN KRASAE SIN DISTRICT, SONGKHLA PROVINCE. Dusit Thani College Journal, 15(3), 212–227. Retrieved from
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