The Analysis of The Components of Experiential Tourism that Affect the Potential of Tourist Attractions in Prachin Buri

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Jatika Kumruan
Chompoonuch Jittathavorn
Chompoonuch Jittathavorn
Pakamas Chairatana
Santidhorn Pooripakdee


This research aims 1) To analyze the components of experiential tourism that affect the potential of tourist attractions in Prachin Buri. 2) To analyze the potential of destinations of experiential tourism destinations in Prachin Buri, which led to the analysis of the elements of experiential tourism elements that influence the potential of tourist attractions in Prachin Buri. The research terms appear the qualitative statistical research. The terms of a sample were 10 of the leaders of the community in Prachin Buri total 10 people by using a Purposive Sampling method In-Depth Interview with a semi-structured interview and content analysis.

          The results have shown that most of the community in Prachin Buri. It can be an experiential travel destination because it has all 12 elements of experiential tourism. The lifestyle of the local people, the positive experiences, the interaction, the interesting and engaging story, the maximum use of the 5 senses for learning, the knowledge of the tour guide knowledge, the tangible memories. The activities were simple and carefully catered to different learning styles. The development and design of exciting activities and the highest impression. However, the form of experiential tourism in each community varies according to the location or physical characteristics of the community, as well as the beliefs, lifestyle, and traditions of that place. People in the communities cooperate and engage in joint activities to welcome tourists, both between people in the community and between people in the community and tourists. There were tourism activities that tourists could choose according to their needs and could be flexible according to their needs. In some communities, tourism activities should be improved and expanded to be more interesting. The results of analysis of the research show that in all 10 tourism communities, the potential of tourist attractions in the community is ready for the organization of tourism activities according to the model of experiential tourism. The spatial potential, management potential, activity potential and participation potential of Prachin Buri were gorgeous in natural resources suitable for agriculture and livestock. Most communities were cooperative and had established a community business group with a process to welcome tourists with a clear division of responsibilities and a committee to coordinate with tourists. Tourists can choose their own travel activities according to their needs and suitability.

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