The Metaverse in the Hotel Industry in Bangkok, Thailand :A review and future study directions

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Chakrit Srisakun
Pimphattra Vijitbunyanon
Varot Panitchavit Pinpat
Papungkron Numprasit
Patranit Weerachaleepat


The purpose of the article is to review the recent trends and guidelines the future studying direction by integrating the concept of metaverse to the hotel industry, especially in the area of Bangkok, Thailand. The concept of creating metaverse experiences is consider as a starting point to generate a new direction to study and to generate a theoretical and practical contribution in the future that align with the global trend continuously.

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Srisakun, C., Vijitbunyanon, P., Panitchavit Pinpat , V., Numprasit , P., & Weerachaleepat, P. (2022). The Metaverse in the Hotel Industry in Bangkok, Thailand :A review and future study directions. Dusit Thani College Journal, 16(2), 315–325. Retrieved from
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