The Influence of Causal Factors of Coffee Shop Business Success

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Somsak Rungrojudomphol
Ananta Rusmee


This study on casual factors influencing on success of coffee shop business aims to study on opinions towards strategic management for success of coffee shop business and to study on casual factors influencing on success of coffee shop business. The research was conducted in the form of quantitative research with questionnaire as the research tool. Data were analyzed by using descriptive analytical statistics to find frequency, percentage, mean, and Standard Deviation (S.D.), and structural equation model. The results revealed that study on opinions towards strategic management for success of coffee shop business consisted of 5 variables including:  1) nature of coffee shop business; 2) management; 3) competitive advantage strategy; 4) marketing strategies; and 5) success of coffee shop business. From the overall results, it was found that all dimensions were in the highest level. From studying on structural relationship model of casual factors including on success of coffee shop business, it was found that the model was consistent with empirical data with success of coffee shop business as the final result of the model. It was found that variable on nature of coffee shop business had direct influence and total influence on success of coffee shop business in the highest level followed by competitive advantage strategy, management, and marketing strategies.

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