Guidelines for Developing in Secondary Cities Tourism in Satun Province with Techniques for Analyzing Expectations and Satisfaction

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Montree Langputeh
Paithoon Monpanthong Monpanthong


This research was to study expectations and satisfaction with the components of secondary city tourism in Satun Province and to study the components of secondary city tourism. Satun Province that must be fixed and developed. Quantitative research A questionnaire was used as a tool to collect data from a sample group of Thai tourists who had traveled to secondary cities. Satun Province in 2022, number of 420 people, analyzed using Priority Needs Index Modified and Important-Performance Analysis. The results of the study found that Secondary city tourism elements Satun province that needs to be developed the most was Amenities (PNImodified = 0.17), and Accessibility (PNImodified = 0.15).

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Langputeh, M. ., & Monpanthong, P. M. (2023). Guidelines for Developing in Secondary Cities Tourism in Satun Province with Techniques for Analyzing Expectations and Satisfaction. Dusit Thani College Journal, 17(3), 147–161. Retrieved from
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