Knowledge Management Towards Conservation of Miang in Sakad Subdistrict, Pua District, Nan Province

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The objectives of this research are (1) To gather knowledge of Miang’s local wisdom in Sakad subdistrict, Pua district, Nan province (2) To study process of knowledge management in Sakad subdistrict Pua distric Nan province. 3) To propose guidelines for the conservation of wisdom wrapped
in Sakad subdistrict, Pua district, Nan province. By collecting data from the people who do Miang in Sakad subdistrict over 10 years, this research is qualitative research. The research tools are (1) Semi – structured Interview (2) Documentary study (3) Participative observation. The research found that the local wisdom of Miang in Sakad subdistrict Nan province came from knowledges of the community that has been relayed from generation to generation. These knowledges did not happened spontaneously, but due to: 1. Knowledge creation, knowledges of miang are created by experience, observation and then crystalized to local wisdom. 2. Knowledge sharing, knowledges of miang are shared by social capital that exists in the community to convey wisdom. The social network at the same ethnic speaking and the same language that made the network be strong. Knowledge sharing is the most important process in knowledge management of miang. 3. Knowledge storage, knowledges of miang stored in people more than stored in written document. 4. Application of knowledge, the community applied knowledges of miang to improve miang’s productivity, meet the need of market and create sustained income for community. The ways to conserve and create sustainable for the local wisdom of miang, We have to raising awareness of knowledge management in miang community, promoting of community enterprises and developing products to added value from miang.


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