Administration Psychology Model of University in Thailand

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Nipa Pongvirut


         This study was the first part of my meta studies research in the field of administration psychology. The purposes of this mixed quantitative and qualitative research were 1) to indicate administration psychology model 1. 2) to find the practice level of using administration methods and psychology methods model 2. 3) to find the correlation between administration methods and psychology methods model 3.   4)  to find administration psychology model 4 that was developed and approved for the good practice model. The sample were 364 administrators from 28 universities all around the region of Thailand by cluster random sampling. Questionnaire with 5 levels 51 items with 5 rating scales reliability at .94 were used to collecting data. Statistical using to analyzes were mean, Person's product moment correlation and focus group for development and approved the administration psychology,  good practice model we had found.

        Summary of research finding: 1) the model 1 from qualitative research composed of administration methods 4 indicators and psychology methods 9 indicators. 2) the model 2 from quantitative research were remodel by rotated indicators in 2 major factors. 3) from the coefficient correlation we found the model 3  and rotated indicators in 2 major factors again. 4) from the focus group we found the model 4 with importance factors as follows. We found high correlation between administration methods and psychology methods.76 . The most three high correlation were administration methods: leading, planning and organizing and psychology methods: concreteness ( love, trust, faith and justice), cultural empathy and confrontation.

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