The rate adjustment for the publication is as the following details:

- The fee for a Thai article is 4,000 baht (four thousand baht only).

- The fee for an English article is 5,000 baht (five thousand baht only).

- The fee for the fast-track publication is 9,000 baht (nine thousand baht only).

           The article must preliminarily pass the evaluation of the editorial board regarding its format, scope of the content, and quality required by the journal. The editorial board will then notify the author of the fee and issue the receipt as soon as the author provide the proof of payment via this e-mail address: Technical peer reviews of the journal will be carried out usually by three experts of the field.

 *** Remarks: The fee paid does not always affirm that the article will be published. It depends on the consideration of peer review and the editorial board. Payment that has been transferred cannot be refunded regardless of whatever reason.

*** This announcement is effective for every article submitted to the system from October, 1st , 2021 onwards.