Logistical Tourism Management in Phatthalung for Elderly Tourists

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Tasanee Pratan
Khanungnit Hnuchek
Numtip Trakulmaykee
Suwatchanee Petcharat
Porntip Seamhan
Jakkrit Manwicha


The purposes of this study were to study the tourist behavior and level of logistical management standards affecting senior tourists to revisit destinations, to compare the means of LMS affecting revisiting senior tourists of different demographics, to study the relationship between the effecting components of LMS, to study tourists’satisfaction with the standards after joining an experimental trip in Patthalung, and to propose guidelines for LMS in the province for efficient support of an influx of the elderly tourists and others. Questionnaires were employed in the study to collect the data from the samples: senior tourists, both Thai and foreign.
The results are:
(1) The perceptions of tourists and the level of logistical management standards affected their decision to revisit the destinations.
(2) Both Thai and foreign tourists are highly satisfied with the tour route including physical facilities, information, and costs.
(3) The tourists who joined the two-day tour program are more satisfied than the tourists who joined the one-day tour program.
(4) Both groups tourists are interested and in favor of the “Ma-Ta Muanglung”, a mobile application developed by the research team.
For the tourism logistical management of Phatthalung to be sustainable, it is necessary to have good planning, networking, and effective action of the authorized communities.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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