Ecotourism Management Status of People of the Yansue Community

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Poranee Yeetin
Kasetchai Laeheem


The purpose of this participatory action research was to study the status of community-based ecotourism management in areas of Yansue Subdistrict, Kantang District, Trang Province. Data were collected from documents and the fieldwork of observations and in-depth interviews with 24 informants selected by purposive sampling. The data were analyzed by content analysis.
The results showed that tourism in the Yansue area was managed in the form of ecotourism by the Yansue community members in an unorganized manner. The three components of tourism that need to be improved are accommodations, amenities, and services at the various tourist attractions. In addition, it was found that accommodation was not given priority by the community management because Yansue is located near Trang Province and most tourists chose to stay in the town of Trang. Therefore, the people of Yansue should know their community context to develop the components of tourism that support tourists and to set up procedures for the Yansue’s tourism management to reduce the impact of tourism on the community. They should manage tourism according to the principle of community-based ecotourism management. Yansue community members should participate in all steps of ecotourism management, as well as learn tourism management and raise awareness among the community and tourists of the value of community resources. The research results can be used to determine development policies related to the tourism industry in the region, increase the potential of tourism management, and increase income to community residents through community ecotourism activities.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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