The Social Networking Condition in Thailand: A Synthesis with Systematic Literature Review

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Wassaya Wangplaicharoensuk
Pitak Siriwong
Patipat Tunming


Social network is a term used to describe relationships in complex systems to show the structure, communication, exchange, and relationships in the studied network. This social networking concept is an alternative way of social science study that reveals the social dimension more clearly than ever. Although there are many studies on social networks today, there are few studies that address the social networking condition which is a factor in the study of further construction and development of other social networks. Therefore, this research aimed to present a synthesis of issues related to the condition of social network occurring in Thailand. A systematic review of literature based on the PICo framework from The Joanna Briggs Institute was applied to search for research studies published from 2011 to 2021 which yielded a total of 2,318 documents leading to the synthesis and extraction of 51 research studies. According to the findings, educational issues related to the condition of social networking included six major issues: issues of background or origins of the network; contextual and network issues; issues on network member roles and relationships; issues related to activities within the network; issues of network components or network factors; and issues of network administration. The results of this research will help expand the body of knowledge and academic research on social networking conditions and serve as a conceptual framework for further empirical study of the social networking condition.

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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)


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