Analysis of Summary Score of Performance Assessment of Local Administration

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ดิเรก ปัทมสิริวัฒน์
พิชิต รัชตพิบุลภพ


This paper analyzes the summary score of local performance assessment (LPA) in Thailand surveyed by the Local Administration and covers 7,775 municipalities and subdistrict administrative organizations. Descriptive statistics and economic model take comparative studies of LPA. Later on, an economic model is applied to test the relationship in which LPA a dependent variable and tested against independent variables such as population, income per capita, area, and regional dummy variables. Among our findings: i) the city or “nakorn” municipalities performed better with an average LPA scores of 81 (out of 100) whereas the LPA averages for town municipalities, subdistrict municipalities, and subdistrict administrative organizations stood at 77; Secondly, there is a tendency that large-sized local units perform better measured by LPA; Thirdly, the per capita income had positive significance on the LPA scores, only in the cases of subdistrict municipalities and subdistrict administrative organizations; Fourthly, regional differences were found (dummy variables). What was noticeable was that the north had the positive relation, followed by the northeast which might reflect the institutional factors (local culture of services, peoples’ friendliness, slow life, where the north and the northeast were more outstanding than other regions.


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