Changing in Agricultural Population Structure Age And Production Efficiency of Important Economic Crops in Thailand

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The purpose of this research was to analyse the changes in age structure of agricultural population to productive efficiency on economic crops in Thailand. There was the use of rice and rubber production data in 2011/2012, 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 according to the agricultural household census. There were 400 households which had been divided to analyse into two age ranges which were 20- 59 of ages and 60 years or older. Boundary-line analysis had been used to analyze the productive efficiency. The result found that overall technical efficiency and change of variation in technical performance of rice in each age range found that 20-59 of age ranges were at the level of (-8.80) and 60 years or older were at the level of (0.67). As a result the change in technical efficiency at the age ranges of 60 year or older were higher than the other group because there were more technological machines in production while the young ages were lack of knowledge and understanding in production. Furthermore, rice was an annual plants which had changed in short period. As a result the efficiency in technical production was slightly higher in the age ranges of 60 years or older that made unclear result which was different from the overall technical efficiency. The change in technical variation of rubber found that age ranges of 20-59 years old were at the level of (15.14) and the other group was at (0.00) which this changes of technical efficiency at the age of 60 years old or older were less than the younger ages. This showed that the older ages affected the decrease of the productive efficiency.  Technology and Machinery had less help in production. in addition, rubber were perennial plant which takes times to harvest that make workforce age affected high effective production.


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