Study on the Late Antenatal Care Pregnant Women in Public Heath Region 5

  • สุวรรณี นาคะ พยบ., ศษ.ม. (ประชากรศึกษา) ศูนย์อนามัยที่ 5 ราชบุรี กรมอนามัย กระทรวงสาธารณสุข
  • สกาวรัตน์ เทพรักษ์ พยบ., วท.ม. (อนามัยครอบครัว) ศูนย์อนามัยที่ 5 ราชบุรี กรมอนามัย กระทรวงสาธารณสุข
  • อุทัยวรรณ โคกตาทอง พยบ., วท.ม. (การอนามัยเจริญพันธุ์) ศูนย์อนามัยที่ 5 ราชบุรี กรมอนามัย กระทรวงสาธารณสุข
Keywords: pregnant women, late Antenatal Care pregnancy, Public Health Region 5


This research objectives were to study on the causes, situations and the factors affecting the late antenatal care (ANC) pregnant women in Public Heath Region 5. The cross sectional study for surveying and purposively selected were conducted with sample of 2,355 late-ANC pregnant women with at gestational age more than 12 weeks or never ANC at hospital of ministry of public health in Public Health Region 5. Questionnaire was used for data collecting of 2,355
people with purposive sampling. Its content validity was 0.50 and reliability with 0.86. The sample was gathered during July – November 2014. The descriptive statistics of percentage, mean and standard deviation and inferential statistic of chi-square test were used for data analysis. The result showed that the majority of sample was the age 20-35 years old [63.4%], the age 13-19 years old [28.6%] junior high school education [37.8%], hired occupation[34%], marital status with living together [88.4%], main salary from husband [36.8%]. They use health insurance right (golden card) [71.4%], be pregnant before [56.1%], never abortion [87.7%], have ANC [97.0 %], first ANC at District hospital [53.2%], first ANC at 16-20 weeks pregnancy [55.0%]. The causes of late ANC because they don’t know that it must be ANC within 12 weeks [35.4%]. They don’t known or be not sure whether pregnant or not [33.8% and they have other burdens
[17.1%]. Babies have normal birth [76.8%] with birth weight more than 2500 grams [90.1%], and have birth weight less than 2500 grams [9.9%]. Apgar Score at first minute with 8-10 scores [98.4%]. Data of health self-evaluation of women during pregnant at high level [48.1%] and at moderate level [62.7%]. Their opinion about pregnancy at moderate level [66.0%]. Travel expense, hospital, and service providing for recommendations of health knowledge during deliver and after deliver were at moderate level [62.5%]. People and environment support for ANC was at moderate level [62.5%]. Factors of education associated to practices of pregnant women during pregnant and health throughout pregnant, education level of pregnant women and husband associated to people and environment support for ANT, and occupation of pregnant women at statistically significant level (p <.05). The recommendation with this study is that the health organization of every levels should have measure or guideline for promoting ANC service including developing Tambon Health Promotion Hospitals where there are professional nurse to be able for ANC. This is also able to communicate about ANC service for free in the air war level by Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health and National Health Security Office at ground war. The health volunteer should help to search the pregnant women and give them an important information and benefit about ANC to make pregnant women and baby to get qualified health care. Keywords : pregnant women, late Antenatal Care pregnancy, Public Health Region 5


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