A Model for work performance efficiency on Customer,s service in UOB Bank

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Keywords: developmentmodel, work performance efficiency


This research aimed to study factors affecting work performance efficiency on customer service in UOB Bank,formulate adevelopment model of work performance efficiency on customer service in UOB Bank andimplement and evaluate the developed model ofwork performance efficiency. The research methodologywere divided into 3 periods. In the first period, The researcher investigated factors which affected work performance efficiency on customer service in UOB Bank by formulating a model ofwork performance as an outcome variable. Seven causal factors used for the study. Three hundred and twenty fiveofficer in UOB Bank were selected and participated in the study and the required data were collected by using the questionnaire, were used for analyzing of data. Structural Equation Model : SEM, LISREL for Windows with Path Analysis at the .05 levelof statistical significance.In the second period, the researcher constructed the development model of work performance efficiency on customer service in UOB Bank by using the study result from the first stage. Thirty involved persons were participated in the workshop to co-operatively criticized and evaluated the model of work performance efficiency.In the third period, the researcher implemented the model. After three mount of implementation, the model was evaluated by 13 officer in UOB Bank in Udonthaniand analyzed by Wilcoxon Signed Rank Testat the .05 levelof statistical significance. The major findings revealed the followings : 1. The developed causal factors showed harmony with the empirical data. Four causal factors with total effects on work performance efficiency on customer service in UOB Bank were found including 1) Best office (0.41)2)Best member (0.29)3) Role (0.23)and 4) Team (0.11) 2. Thedevelopmentmodelofwork performance efficiency consisted of15activities : 1)
Secret key 2) Emotion development 3) Talking development 4) Self analyze 5) Mine development6) Tree of Idea 7) Hope 8) Service mine9) Know self10)Team work 11) Life Position 12)Listen me 13) Role and duty14) Role playingand15)Team activities 3. The officer in UOB Bank showed higher work performance efficiency as a whole and in two aspects: service and support than before implementation of model at the .05level of statistical significance bothWilcoxon Signed Rank Test. Keywords : developmentmodel, work performance efficiency


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