A Study on Knowledge and Attitudes of Farmers at Hong Saeng Municipality towards the Use of Organic Fertilizers

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Ariyachat Singhalert
Daenwichai Sayruksa
Rungson Singhalert


The aims of this study were 1) to study farmers' knowledge and attitude levels about the use of organic fertilizer. 2) To compare farmers' knowledge and attitude levels between two groups, one that has used the organic fertilizer and the other that has never used it. 3) To study problems in and suggestions of using organic fertilizer. The population in this study were 2,871 household heads in Tambon Hong Saeng. The sample for this quantitative research consisted of 351 farmers, which the number was determined using Taro Yamane formula (Yamane, 1973). The data were collected through a set of questionnaire. Percentage, mean, and standard deviation were used to analyzed data, while an independent sample t-test was used to test the research hypotheses. Keywords : knowledge , attitude , organic fertilizer


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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences


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