Legal Problems Toward Foundation Management in Thailand Legal Problems Toward Foundation Management in Thailand

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Nattawan Rujinaronk
Prapin Nuchpiam


This research is a documentary research with the information collected from laws related academic texts domestically and internationally. Researcher also collects empirical data from interviews with related persons including the registrar, committee and donor of the foundation in order to find the real source of the problems. It found that one of the possible causes is the foundation law is not enough to cover problem prevention and solution within the foundation and it leads to the legal flaw that people use for corruption. The comparison of the Laws from England and Singapore also suggests that there should be a particular law that covers the authority and responsibility of foundation inspector. In summary, the researcher suggests that there are 3 points that will help with the improvement of Foundation Laws in Thailand including 1) Specify the foundation’s purpose, 2) Extend the content of the authority and responsibility of foundation committee to be more detailed and 3) Appoint the inspector committee from foundation inspecting experts to inspect the foundation’s advantages for public society.

Keywords: Foundation; Civil and Commercial Code; Foundation Inspection


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