The Development of Suggestions for Promotion and Support of the Policy on the Use of Alternative Energy Bio-Diesel The Development of Suggestions for Promotion and Support of the Policy on the Use of Alternative Energy Bio-Diesel

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Apicha Proncharoenkitkul


The objectives of this research are to study the policies and concepts of alternative energy use of bio-diesel management and develop policy suggestions on promoting and supporting the use of alternative energy for bio-diesel. Qualitative research methods data were used by applying in-depth interview. from 5 key informants. Data were analyzed by using content analysis. Quantitative research methods were also collected through 400 questionnaires to study the opinions of the people towards the government's policy on alternative energy. The results were analyzed using descriptive statistics one-way analysis of variance and pearson's product-moment correlation coefficient. The research found that the government intends to strengthen energy security and solve the energy issues through the policies. Also, the government supports research on oil crops cultivation and production with reasonable and fair price reflecting the actual costs. The initiative of king Rama 9th aims to promote renewable energy production. The factors affecting the decision on bio-diesel use are campaigns on promoting renewable energy and trust on bio-diesel quality suggestions on increasing bio-diesel production policies are (1) establishing policies and production development plans by applying technological innovation to increase bio-diesel production (2) promoting refinery business sector and bio-diesel distribution stations and (3) motivating consumers to use renewable.

Keywords: Government Policy; Renewable Energy; Bio-Diesel


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