The Politics of Death Penalty The Politics of Death Penalty

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Tae Chimluang
Piyalux Photiwan
Suwakit Sripudtha


The Purposes of this research were  1) to investigate the reasons of Thai government in delaying death penalty, 2) to study effects of the delaying and reconducting the death penalty, 3) to find the alternative ways of Thai government in the case of rescission of death penalty under the Social Contract theory. The research was conducted through qualitative method. The key informants consisted of 26 persons. The data were collected by ways of in depth interview, and focus group interview. The data were analyzed through content analysis techniques, and qualitative data were corrected proof by data triangulation method. The research results were as follows:  1) The reason For delaying of conducting the death penalty for 9 years was ferend that, Thai government had observed the attitude and movements of those countries all over the world. After waiting and watching the Thai government had conducted the death penalty again in the year 2018 (2561). This performance confirmed Thai government brave decision that response to demand of Thai people. 2) The effect of 9 year delaying for death penalty operation in Thai State was that; most of that societies had agreed whit strictly enforcement of law, While UN members viewed Thai state did not practice the law of Human Right principle. 3) The alternative  way of Thai government are as follows; Thai government could not rescind death penalty at this time. The Thai government may rescind death penalty unless the Thai people are ready for change including urgent measure to apply the law effectively. The Thai government should act as follows (1)  Urgent enforce society to protect free of crime and enforcing the effectively law. (2) Remedies for crime victims or sufferers of wrongly prosecuted. (3) Thai Society should improve cultures, Education, Economics and human rights for being non-death penalty society. (4) Prisons should be reformed in order to sent the good member back to family and society. (5) Change the attitude of Thai people to accept in  being the non-death penalty country.

Keywords :  Politics; Death Penalty; Social Contract


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