Environmental Factors Influencing to the Development Administration of Thailand Environmental Factors Influencing to the Development Administration of Thailand

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Paricha Marie Cain


The purposes of this article were to show the concept of environment factors influencing to the development administration of Thailand, consisting of contents; 1) meaning and type of development administrative environment 2) the impact of the development administrative environment on developing behavior which is divided into the impact of the environment from outside the country, impact of population, effects of physical and biological technology, impact of ideology, impact of politics, economic impact, and the impact of society, and 3) the environment that influences the development of Thailand is divided into global environment and environment in Thailand. For global environment consists of changes to the new rules of the world, the emergence of many economic centers in the world, the aging society of the world, global warming and the balance of energy and food crisis. As well as for the environment in Thailand which consists of social and economic changes, natural resources and environment and national development management.

Keywords: Environmental Factors; Administrative Influence; Development Administration


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