Strategic Development to Develop Tourism for People with Physical Disabilities and Seniors of Ubon Ratchathani Province

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สิริรัตน์ ชอบขาย Sirirat Chobkhay
สันติภาพ คำสะอาด Santhipharp Khamsa-ard
พิทักษ์ ศิริวงศ์


The objective of this study was to study the raediness of tourism in Ubon ratchatani and to develop strategy for developing tourism for physical disability and senior tourists. Mixed method of qualitative and quantitative approach was employed. The sample was indicated into the physical disability and senior, tourism entrepreneurs and officially responsible staff in the travelling places, representative of public and private tourism department by using accidental sampling technique. The data were gathered by using a questionnaire, surveying form, assessment form, and interviewing form.

In findings, the readiness assessment of tourist destination for people with disabilities and seniors in Ubon Ratchathani were at an improved level. The strategic propositions in order to driving Ubon Ratchathani Province to be a preferable tourism destination for the physical disability and senior tourists compose of 4 strategies. First, to promote a higher standard to be a cultural tourism for physical disability and senior tourists. Second, to promote a higher standard of tourism services for physical disability and senior tourists. Third, to promote the community participation for developing for physical disability and senior tourists. Lastly, to enhance the image of tourism for physical disability and senior tourists.

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Sirirat Chobkhay ส. ช., Santhipharp Khamsa-ard ส. ค., & ศิริวงศ์ พ. (2018). Strategic Development to Develop Tourism for People with Physical Disabilities and Seniors of Ubon Ratchathani Province. Dusit Thani College Journal, 12(2), 63–49. Retrieved from
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