Relationship Among Information Quality, Perceived Interactivity, Safety and Privacy and Decision Making Towards Reserving Hotel Online

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พิมพ์ภัทรา วิจิตรบุญญานนท์ Pimphattra Vijitbunyanon
อรรถเวทย์ พฤกษ์สถาพร Atthawet Prougestaporn
ฤดีพันธ์ วรรธนะภัฏ


This research aims to examine the relationship between information quality, perceived interactivity, safety and privacy and decision making towards reserving hotel online. Questionnaire was selected as the instrument to collect data from 200 sample and Pearson’s correlation was selected as analysis method. The result found the overall of factors had a positive relationship with decision making towards reserving hotel online, and when considers each of variable found that only the interactive tools indicated a positive relationship significantly.

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Pimphattra Vijitbunyanon พ. . ว., Atthawet Prougestaporn อ. . พ., & วรรธนะภัฏ ฤ. (2018). Relationship Among Information Quality, Perceived Interactivity, Safety and Privacy and Decision Making Towards Reserving Hotel Online. Dusit Thani College Journal, 12(Special), 71–81. Retrieved from
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