Problems, Obstacles and Challenging Crowdfunding for Small and Medium Enterprises

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นันทวัฒน์ พรเลิศกชกร Nantawat Pornleartkochakorn
วาทิต อินทุลักษณ์ Watit Intuluck
ชาคริต ศรีสกุน


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) could act as an important cog in a large machine that drives forward Thai economy. However, the majority of businesses in this segment have always experienced the difficulties in accessing the proper funding sources for their business activities which could lead to the reduction in their competitiveness and survival rate. Crowdfunding is another source of fund that can be an alternative choice for SMEs in Thailand. This funding method has been well-recognized throughout the world as a method of raising capital via the collective efforts of world-scale stakeholders who agree upon new business ideas or initiatives of start-up entrepreneurs regardless of their origins. This would allow start-up businesses to equally access the sources of capital. Nevertheless, SME’s entrepreneurs must keep in mind that this source of capital raising has a higher cost of capital than other financial alternatives. Therefore, this article pays attention on new challenges that may not only affect entrepreneurs but also the crowdfunding method. 

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Nantawat Pornleartkochakorn น. พ., Watit Intuluck ว. อ., & ศรีสกุน ช. (2018). Problems, Obstacles and Challenging Crowdfunding for Small and Medium Enterprises. Dusit Thani College Journal, 12(Special), 393–404. Retrieved from
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