Guidelines for Promoting Tourism by Using a Small Aircraft as Vehicles in Tourist Destinations in The Andaman Sea Coast: A Case Study of Phuket Province, Thailand

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Suppacha Phetsome
Nuansamorn Ounhaprateep
Natthakan Phachan


This research is a qualitative research with the main objective to study guidelines for promoting tourism by using small aircraft as vehicles in the Andaman Sea. In order to achieve the objectives of the research : 1) What are the limitations, which are problems and obstacles that will arise in the business of using small aircraft for tourism? And what should be solved, and 2) What is the appropriate tourism component for promoting tourism using small aircraft as a vehicle in the Andaman Sea tourist attraction by using business tools, Value Chain and PESTEL Analysis as the main concept in data synthesis.

     The results of the study showed that the problems in promoting tourism by using small aircraft in the Andaman Sea were personnel investment problems. Infrastructure, the safety of vehicles and tourists, the behavior of tourists, and management of schedules and routes; and in this part of the obstacles in promoting tourism are legal barriers, regulations, the impact on the community, society, and climate and environment. The problems and obstacles mentioned above If they are synthesized through business tools (Value Chain and PESTEL Analysis), then found that problems and obstacles are a guide for the business success. The reasons are the problems and obstacles is a link to the collaboration of all sectors and small aircraft businesses have the opportunity to drive tourism industry under various limitations in the future.

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Phetsome, S. . ., Ounhaprateep, N. ., & Phachan, N. . . (2020). Guidelines for Promoting Tourism by Using a Small Aircraft as Vehicles in Tourist Destinations in The Andaman Sea Coast: A Case Study of Phuket Province, Thailand. Dusit Thani College Journal, 14(2), 31–50. Retrieved from
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