Development of an Online Matching System (OMS) for Productive Ageing Labor Market

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Kanchana t Pattrawiwat
Sutithep Siripipattanakul
Narongrid Asavaroungpipop


The objective of this research was to develop of an Online Matching System (OMS) for productive ageing labor market by using System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) include i) systems planning) ii) system analysis iii) system design) iv) system development and v) systems implementation and operation through creating application software on My SQL Database and PHP Programming Language. Research instruments of system performance evaluation were performance evaluation form by 3 expertises and satisfaction evaluation form in using system by 10 entrepreneurs that hire elderly workers, and 60 ageing.

     The results of the research showed that: Online Matching System (OMS) performance (Retrieved on URL: were overall at high level ( =4.30) and satisfaction evaluation results of using OMS were overall at high level ( =4.43 and =4.47)

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Pattrawiwat, K. . t, Siripipattanakul, S. . ., & Asavaroungpipop, N. . . (2020). Development of an Online Matching System (OMS) for Productive Ageing Labor Market . Dusit Thani College Journal, 14(2), 400–417. Retrieved from
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