Secondary Airport Management Guidelines to Service Quality Elevation of Secondary Airport in the Southern Provinces, Thailand

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Boonnawat Srikhwan
Watsida Boonyanmethaporn


The purposes of the study include: 1) to study administrative factors in secondary airport; 2) to investigate administrative factors which lead to the standard services in secondary airport; 3) to provide the methods to develop service administration in secondary airport of southern region of Thailand to meet the standard. The data were obtained from 402 subjects in secondary airport of Southern Thailand through Rule of Three of Arithmetic: Statistical Analysis, Exploratory Factor Analysis and Multiple Regression Analysis. The finding of the study showed that the administration of the secondary airport contains 6 main factors: security factor, facility factor, verification factor, operation factor, transportation factor and human-resources factor. It was also found that the influences which may develop the standard of service in secondary airport include operation factor and human-resources factor. The methods can be divided into 2 ways: 1) the development in operation of secondary airport, 2) the development in the potential of employees. The result of the study can be beneficial in policy, administration and academic for airline industry and secondary airport in Thailand. Furthermore, it can be applied to the operation in secondary airport to meet the highest standard of services in the future.

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Srikhwan, B. . ., & Boonyanmethaporn, W. . . (2020). Secondary Airport Management Guidelines to Service Quality Elevation of Secondary Airport in the Southern Provinces, Thailand . Dusit Thani College Journal, 14(3), 34–50. Retrieved from
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