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Nipapond Kunna
Suree Thongkorn
Phimnada Nonprasat
Panatda Phugsin


The objectives of this research is to study the behaviors and needs of consumers. And the development of high fiber cereal bar products which to be accepted. The sample group consisted of 400 people aged between 18-34 years old. Data were collected by questionnaires. Results of study of consumer behaviors and needs showed that 95.80%of them had eaten cereal bars and would eat them during their free time. The desired product characteristics are a mixture of cereals and fruits in a shape circle, priced at no more than 10-20 baht per piece. From the development of compressed cereal products with high fiber from steel products. Consisting of puffed rice, honey, sesame seeds, dried mango, dried strawberries dried pumpkin seed and glucose syrup. Analyze nutritional values, including protein and dietary fiber It was found that it was 8.24 and 3.05%. When calculating following by Notification of Ministry of Public Health (No 182) was found that respectively, which the developed bar grains (40 grams per serving) are fiber good source foods (4.88 %) and sources of protein (8.24%). From the consumer acceptance study, it was found that the average total liking score was at the like very much, and 92.00% of consumers accepted the developed products.

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Kunna, N. . ., Thongkorn, S. . ., Nonprasat, P. ., & Phugsin, P. . . (2021). DEVELOPMENT OF HIGH FIBER CEREAL BAR PRODUCT FROM SINLEK BROWN . Dusit Thani College Journal, 15(1), 268–285. Retrieved from
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