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Tanaphat Udonpreecha
Wilasinee Yonwikai


These research objectives were: 1) to study the current condition of the food truck business, and 2) to study the market development approach to promote the food truck business. This study was qualitative research by using an In-depth Interview with 19 interviewees. They are 10 food truck owners, 1 government representative, 1 marketing expert, 1 food technician, and 6 consumers.

The study found that 1) current condition of the food truck business This is a type of business, mostly street food style, and easy to find its distinctive point is the modern design of the store to meet the needs of today's consumers it can be found during the daytime and according to various events, markets, and tourist locations, and 2) marketing development approach to promote food truck business. The first thing that should be emphasized is Shop design with a modern decoration style. It has a nice, eye-catching, and unique look followed by, a discount is organized in conjunction with the arrangement of banks or networks of various telephone service providers so that customers can easily participate. Develop a delicious taste of food to be outstanding have creative ideas focus on the quality of raw materials That reflects the value of the price appropriately. The location is wide in providing services that are sufficient to provide services. There are seats for customers to sit and wait or use the service conveniently and without being crowded, plus, flavors and clean should pay attention to every step, and the service of the smiling staff that expresses the sincerity and kindness of the employees in serving customers thoroughly at all levels is considered a business point of sale.

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