Guidelines for Selling Hotel Rooms During COVID-19 Crisis: A Case Study of Hotels in Koh Samui

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Pornnapa Thanapotivirat
Wachiravit Homboonyong
Aucharaporn Amornsittinon
Pimpisut Nakmuang
Napatsorn Nanakorn
Chalemchon Sookanan


This is a qualitative study that employs the In-depth Interview technique. The objectives are 1) to study the hotel industry's adaptation process during the COVID - 19 pandemic; and 2) to study room expansion guidelines for hotel business operators in Koh Samui District of Surat Thani Province, with the main target group of this research being accommodation business operators from 1 to 5 stars who are open to service during the COVID-19 outbreak from July to October 2021. The results of the study found that many establishments in Koh Samui District of Surat Thani Province are experiencing an unprecedented crisis as the result of the COVID-19 epidemic, which has had a severe and long-term impact. Many hotels and lodgings have adapted to maintain the liquidity of their existing services by diversifying their revenue streams by adjusting the marketing strategy to reduce the room rate from the original to attract Thai tourists. Adjust the marketing model through digital channels, social media such as Facebook Instagram Line, as well as other online platforms and it's also important that the establishment prioritizes hygiene. Communicate with clients about the hotel's cleaning, as well as proper sanitary standards in service provision to ensure that guests who come to use the service are safe.

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Thanapotivirat, P., Homboonyong, W., Amornsittinon, A., Nakmuang, P., Nanakorn, N., & Sookanan, C. (2022). Guidelines for Selling Hotel Rooms During COVID-19 Crisis: A Case Study of Hotels in Koh Samui. Dusit Thani College Journal, 16(2), 143–157. Retrieved from
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