Applying the Concept of Quality Management to Build Competitiveness of MICE Destinations for MICE Organizers

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Satayu Romyen
Kaedsiri Jaroenwisan


This academic paper aims to present the process of developing MICE destinations for organizers through an analysis of qualitative management principles in the Deming Cycle (PDCA) which is a tool used to create operational processes to achieve goals and to develop competitiveness. It is used to analyze the satisfaction of the organizers who have the potential to support the MICE event at the destination. which is the factor that results in the success of the goals set and the marketing mix concept that plays a role in the marketing strategy to effectively meet the needs of the organizers. Therefore, this concept is considered an important idea to determine the direction of the MICE destinations development, to create competitiveness for the destination and impress leading to the return of the event again. Any destination that is interested in driving the MICE industry to the area, whether it is a MICE city or a destination that is ready to support MICE events, can apply the development process in planning. Strategic design, assessment and follow-up to achieve effective results, to add value during operations to become a new competitive capability in the future.

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Romyen, S., & Jaroenwisan, K. (2022). Applying the Concept of Quality Management to Build Competitiveness of MICE Destinations for MICE Organizers. Dusit Thani College Journal, 16(2), 290–303. Retrieved from
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