The Development of Pan – khlib Stuffed with Thai Curry Paste by Using Bean Sprouts and Tofu of a Meat Substitute

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preedion phetyai
Wichuma Tachasiriwichai


This research aimed to develop a variety of fried product stuffed with Thai curry paste, here called Pan-Khlib, using bean sprouts and tofu skin meat by studying and selecting from 3 prototype recipes, it was found that the second prototype formula received a score. The level of preference is very high in appearance, color, smell, taste and overall preference and neurological comparison. The senses on the 4 Thai curry paste, the Massaman curry paste, Curry paste, Hang lay curry paste and Fish kidney curry paste.
The result of the acceptance test was Hang lay curry paste. It received a very favorable rating in all areas of research. This research, studied of raw materials instead of meat, namely bean sprouts and tofu skin from 100 consumers who rated their appearance, accept at 50 percent color, smell, taste and overall preference appear at the most preferred level, which the product of Pan-Khlib with Hang Lay curry paste. which bean sprouts and tofu skin replace meat. It gives 420 kilocalories of energy, contains dietary fiber, protein, fat, carbohydrates and ash was 13.30%, 13.84%, 16.20 54.64 2.02% respectively. Color values are L* a* b* is 65.20 5.27 26.05 respectively. The amount of free water is equal to 0.68. Comparison of total fat content by comparing pot frying; Oil-free frying pot has less fat content than oil-based frying pot. The crispy, Oil-free frying pot is more crispy. Studying microorganisms in the product of Pan-Khlib with Hang Lay curry paste using bean sprouts and tofu skin replacing meat is found to be in accordance with community product standards.

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phetyai, preedion, & Tachasiriwichai, W. . (2023). The Development of Pan – khlib Stuffed with Thai Curry Paste by Using Bean Sprouts and Tofu of a Meat Substitute. Dusit Thani College Journal, 17(3), 130–146. Retrieved from
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