The Journal’s Objectives      
            Saengtham Academic Journal is a philosophical, religious, theological, and educational journal published every six month. Saengtham College has compiled this journal as a rich resource of knowledge in philosophy, religion, theology, and education. The objectives are as following:      
            1. To be a platform for publishing research and academic project conducted by the faculty of teachers from both inside and outside the college. A freelance academic specialist is also applicable.      
            2. To connect the world of academic and contribute the elements of philosophical, religious, theological and educational aspects to community and society.      
            3. To be motivated in conducting a research and to develop the knowledge of philosophy, religion, theology, and education.

The Journal’s Policy and Publishing’s Timeframe
1. In each year, two new editions are published per this following timeframe;          
            1st  Edition:      January - June            
            2nd Edition:      July - December

2. Preferred articles for publishing            
            Research article and academic article are preferred (Thai and English are applicable).

3. The method of Peer Reviewing            
            Double-blind peer review

4. The process of approval                     
            The approved article for publication must be the one that has never been published in any other platforms before. The content and writing template of an article must correspond to our journal’s objectives. Also, it must be approved by publication department and at least three experts related to certain fields. The process of approval is as following;            
            - After submitted an article via online platform and received an email from the journal’s system, it indicates that the publication department has already received an article.            
            - The publication department will make an overall scanning through an article’s topic and content. Through this, the department could identify suitability and consistency of article’s objectives and journal’s template. The article then will be sent back to the writer for overall revision before going to the next procedure or publication rejection.            
            - The publication department will notify an article’s writer about the publication payment after a consideration to submit the article to the field experts. The payment for each publication is 3,000 Baht.            
            *The journal’s department would like to reserve the right not to provide any refund for a rejected article, no matter what the case is.*            
            - The publication department will send the article to at least three field experts to examine the article’s quality for publication. In this examination, the experts will not acknowledge the personal information of the article writer (Double-Blind Peer Review).            
            - After the consideration from the experts, the publication department will give a decision to accept or reject the publication according to the recommendation from the experts. Or else, the article will be sent back to the original writer for further revision before the submission date.            
            - Finally, the publication department will notify the article writer if the publication is approved.

5. Ethics of Publication              
            The applied article for the journal must have never been published on any other platform before. Furthermore, the article is not identical and repeated to existing ones. Also, the article writer must avoid violation and plagiarism.

6. Payment for Publication            
            There is a payment for the submitted article after peer review process. The publication payment is 3,000 Baht for each article. There is no refund in any cases if the article is rejected for publication.

Note: The duration for the process is at least two months depending on the article’s quality and further revision.