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      Academic journal Philosophy, Religion, Theology and Education is a six-month journal published twice a year, namely 1 January - June, 2 July - December, by publishing research articles. Academic Articles The content is presented in Thai or English with the quality of professors, scholars, researchers and experts in philosophy, religion, theology and education, which Saengtham College has created as a source of dissemination of knowledge in philosophy, religion, theology and Education both as a research result of faculty and staff within the college. As well as the work of students Such work has to go through a quality assessment process (Peer Review) from at least 3 experts per article in order to make Sangtham College Academic Journal as a source of academic service that meets international standards. With the following objectives:
      1. To be a platform to disseminate research results And academic performance of faculty members both in and outside the college As well as independent academics.
      2. Connect the academic world And disseminate philosophical, religious, theological and educational knowledge to benefit the community and society as a whole.
      3. Promote and encourage research. And the development of knowledge in philosophy, religion, theology and more education.

Vol. 15 No. 2 (2023): July - December 2023

          This issue of Saengtham College Academic Journal presents articles on philosophy, religion, theology. and education which consists of academic articles and research articles total 15 subjects divided into

          Research articles from internal personnel 6 subject are:
          1). Academic Article Subject "The Catholic Church’s Teaching on Civil Union of the Same-Sex Couple." By Rev.Dr.Chaerdchai Lerdchidlaka
          2). Academic Article Subject "Feuerbach’s Critique of Christianity." by Rev.Dr.Werasask Yongsripanithan
          3). Research Article Subject "Application of Conscience of The Catholic Youth In The Second Deanery of The Archdiocese of Bangkok to The Right of Free Speech In Thai Society According to The Teaching of The Catholic Church." By Phakawat Yeukprasert, et al.
          4). Research Article Subject "Comparative Analytic of the Concept of Catholic Development and Sustainable Development." By Assist.Prof.Dr.Pratheep Chatsuphang, et al.
          5). Research Article Subject "Promoting The Virtue of Obedience for The Minor Seminarians of Saint Joseph Minor Seminary, Sampran, Nakhon Pathom." By Akranon Kitcharoen, et al.
          6). Research Article Subject "Promoting The Virtue of Chastity for Lux Mundi Seminarians." By Kornwiwit Panthong, et al.

          Research articles from external personnel 9 subject are:
          1). Academic Article Subject "Liberation from the Present Evil Age “In Christ”: Pauline Soteriology in the Epistle to the Galatians." by Witthaya Phuttharaksa
          2). Research Article Subject "Development of Student Care System Model in Watjantaram (Tangtrongjit 5) School Focusing on Functional Competency of Classroom Teachers." by Kritnisha Putjira, et al.
          3). Research Article Subject "A Discriminant Analysis of Factors Decision to Study The Undergraduate Program in Saengtham College." by Kanvasu Srithai, et al.
          4). Research Article Subject "A Study of Relationship Between Educational Leadership and Organizational Health of Educational Institutions under the Royal Thai Air Force. " by Flying Officer Jirawat kokchiangsan, et al.
          5). Research Article Subject "A Study of Relationship between Servant Leadership of administrators and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors of teachers in educational institutions under the Archdiocese of Bangkok Area 4." by Tassana Thipsanit, et al.
          6). Research Article Subject "Guidelines for Teaching Christian Education to Learners in The 21st Century: Case Study of Local Churches in The 7th Ministerial Unit Under The 1st District of The Church of Christ in Thailand." by Dr.Chananporn Jaisaodeet, et al.
          7). Research Article Subject "Ethical Climate, Personnel Engagements and Job Satisfaction in The Nakhonsawan Diocesan Schools in Thailand." by Rev.Dr.Ronnie L. Torres, O.M.I., et al.
          8). Research Article Subject "Creative leadership of Suphankanlaya Administration in Suphanuri secondary Educational Service Area Office in the New Normal Era." by Sunaw Phantaeng, et al.
          9). Research Article Subject "The State of Administration According to
the Four Sublime States of Mind of the Head of an Educational Institution, Office of the Private Education Commission, Dusit District, Bangkok." by Surat Phongamphai, et al.

          Finally, the editorial team of the Saengtham College Academic Journal. We would like to thank all the experts for their kind assistance in evaluating the articles  so that our journals have the quality  suitable for publishing and being a source of reference for research in philosophy, religion, theology, and education.

Published: 22-12-2023

Comparative Analytic of the Concept of Catholic Development and Sustainable Development.

Assist.Prof.Dr.Pratheep Chatsuphang, Rev.Thammarat Ruanngam , Rev.Asst.Prof.Dr.Watchasin Kritjaroen, Rev.Asst.Prof.Dr.Franciscus Cais, Rev.Dr.Nantapon Suksumran, Rev.Asst.Prof.Dr.Aphisit Kitcharoen, Dr.Saranyu Pongprasertsin


Promoting The Virtue of Obedience for The Minor Seminarians of Saint Joseph Minor Seminary, Sampran, Nakhon Pathom.

Akranon Kitcharoen, Rev.Dr.Surachai Chumsriphun, Rev.Asst.Prof.Dr.Chartchai Phongsiri, Asst.Prof.Dr.Laddawan Prasootsaengchan


Promoting The Virtue of Chastity for Lux Mundi Seminarians.

Kornwiwit Panthong, Rev.Dr.Surachai Chumsriphun, Rev.Asst.Prof.Dr.Chartchai Phongsiri, Asst.Prof.Dr.Laddawan Prasootsaengchan


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