The Characteristics of the Leaders of Religious Schools in Basic Education Institutions.

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Sasitorn Kloysangatit 
Aiyara Lohmin 
Saranyu Phongprasertsin
Dr.Jitra Dudsdeemaytha
Saleemad Saleemad


The objectives of this academic article are to study the characteristics of the leaders of religious schools and study the environments of religious schools. The points of this article consist of the characteristics of the leaders in administration and management, personality, leadership, morality and ethics, the environmental management of the religious schools and the analysis of the characteristics of the leaders of religious schools and environments of religious schools. The author searched for the data online to analyze the database and used the interview method to analyze the contents and contents according to the objectives mentioned above. The leaders of religious schools that were selected are who comprehend the educational administration and management; the science and arts of administration and management in religious schools; are accurate in the rules of religious schools and properly dress according to the cultural form and value considered the important characteristics that any subordinates believe in and accept. According to the suggestions, under the social and global changes at the present time, the leaders should always update news or improve themselves because they are affected from social changes such as in education, economy and politics; therefore, if they always improve themselves, it helps the organization develop fast and sustainably.

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Kloysangatit , S., Lohmin , A., Phongprasertsin, S., Dudsdeemaytha, D., & Saleemad, S. (2020). The Characteristics of the Leaders of Religious Schools in Basic Education Institutions. Saengtham College Journal, 12(1), 182–195. Retrieved from
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