A Study of Tour Guide Competency, Service Quality, and Tourist Satisfaction of Chinese Tourist

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Nisachon Ninpradith
Petcharut Viriyasuebphong
Parameth Voraseyanont


        This study aim to investigate the effect of Thai tour guide's competency level of service quality in providing satisfaction service for Chiness tourists. Specifically, the  objectives of this quatitive study were 1) to confirm factors of level of tour guide competency , service quality, and tourist satisfaction and 2) to study the effect of tour guide competency attributes on level of service quality, and level of service quality on tourist satisfaction. A self-administered questionnaire (closed-ended questionnaire) was developed and utilized to collect data from 400 purposively selected Chinese tourists who participating in guided tours in Bangkok. The collected data were then analyzed by using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and AMOS programs for analyze Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Descriptive statistics such as frequency and percentages were calculated to define the demographic profile of the respondents. The two-stage approach was applied to estimate the proposed conceptual framework and plausible hypothesis. In the first step, a measurement model was estimated and followed by Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) to assess overall fit of the proposed model and to test hypotheses. Finally, a Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) is employed to assess the measurement model. 

        According to the results, the majority of the respondents were female (53.00%), between18-35 years of age (78.70%), single (60.50%), finished education below bachelor degree (49.20%), and 31.20% of them were students. In regarding to the tour guide competency attributes, the study found that Skill (DE=.76) Knowledge (DE=.25), Ethic (DE=.13), and Attribute (DE=.08) were all at high level and ranked respectively in that order. The study found that the structural model of tour guide’s competency and service quality has a strong influence on tourist’s satisfaction. The results revealed that competency attributes of tour guides have a positive direct effect to the service quality level. Similarly, service quality levels have positive direct effect to the satisfaction level. Thus, the research suggested a development of guidelines for Tour Company and travel agencies in recruiting tour guides and train them for the competency required. In addition, guidelines for government sectors or related agencies should also be developed toinclude tour guide's standards in the area of knowledge, skills, attributes, and ethics related to the work position and appropriate with Chinese tourists.


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