About the Journal

Aims and Scope

This journal aims to consider and publish academic articles and research articles in both Thai and English in the fields of education, political science, business administration, linguistics, social development, and interdisciplinary social sciences. We invite researchers, academics, students, or practitioners in related fields from higher education institutions and various organizations to submit manuscripts that have not been previously published in any journal. Authors can submit manuscripts covering the following topics:

Social Sciences
1. Arts and Humanities
    1.1 General Arts and Humanities
    1.2 History
    1.3 Language and Linguistics
    1.4 Archaeology
    1.5 Classics
    1.6 Conservation
    1.7 History and Philosophy of Science
    1.8 Literature and Literary Theory
    1.9 Museology
    1.10 Music
    1.11 Philosophy
    1.12 Religious studies
    1.13 Visual Arts and Performing Arts

2. Business, Management and Accounting
    2.1 General Business, Management and Accounting
    2.2 Accounting
    2.3 Business and International Management
    2.4 Management Information Systems
    2.5 Management of Technology and Innovation
    2.6 Marketing
    2.7 Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
    2.8 Strategy and Management
    2.9 Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management
    2.10 Industrial relations

3. Industrial relations
    3.1 General Economics, Econometrics and Finance
    3.2 Economics and Econometrics
    3.3 Finance

4. Social Sciences
    4.1 General Social Sciences
    4.2 Archaeology
    4.3 Development
    4.4 Education
    4.5 Geography, Planning and Development
    4.6 Health (social science)
    4.7 Human Factors and Ergonomics
    4.8 Law
    4.9 Library and Information Sciences
    4.10 Linguistics and Language
    4.11 Safety Research
    4.12 Sociology and Political Science
    4.13 Transportation
    4.14 Anthropology
    4.15 Communication
    4.16 Cultural Studies
    4.17 Demography
    4.18 Gender Studies
    4.19 Life-span and Life-course Studies
    4.20 Political Science and International Relations
    4.21 Public Administration
    4.22 Urban Studies

Types of Peer Review

The steps for academic articles and research articles to be published in the journal are as follows:

1. The submitted academic articles and research articles will undergo an initial review by the editorial board, which may accept or reject the submission.

2. If the articles pass the initial review, they will undergo a peer review by at least three experts in the relevant field to assess the quality. This is done through a Double-Blind Peer Review process, where the reviewers do not know the authors' identities and vice versa. The articles must be accepted by the reviewers for publication.

3. The journal's editorial board will consider the evaluation results from the three reviewers, with possible outcomes being: 1) acceptance without revisions, 2) revisions required based on the reviewers' recommendations, and 3) rejection.

Publication Frequency

The journal is published biannually, with two issues per year:

  • Issue 1: January to June
  • Issue 2: July to December

Open Access Policy

The journal follows an open access policy, providing immediate access to its content. This approach aims to facilitate the global exchange of knowledge by making research freely available to the public.

Sponsors and Sources of Support

The Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences is sponsored by the Institute of Research and Development at Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University.

Journal History

The journal was initially established by the Graduate School of Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University in 2007. In 2014, it was renamed "Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Graduate School, Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University," with ISSN 2408-1256. In 2015, it was evaluated and included in the TCI (Thai-Journal Citation Index Center) database under Group 2, Humanities and Social Sciences category. In 2017, it was promoted to Group 1, and Associate Professor Dr. Suwariya Wongwatana became the editor. In August 2019, the journal was transferred to the Institute of Research and Development at Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University, with Assistant Professor Dr. Jitsirin Kongkong serving as the editor-in-chief since 2020.