Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Business Development: a Case Study of Lower Northern Region




Business development, Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Lower north of thailand


The study of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) business development and spatial disparity in a case study of lower northern region focused on the concepts of economics, social and environment development affecting the SMEs register. The study also examined adding economic value of goods and services as well as regional distribution. This research aimed to overview the SMEs business development in the lower northern and to analyze the entrepreneurs’ business development with the spatial disparity. This research explored the facts as positive analysis using the provincial-level data development to measure the “dynamic” mechanism of provincial/regional levels so as to allocate enforcement applied to city and province development. based on the studies of Liua & Pang (2013), Wattanadumrong et al. (2020) Using the macroeconomic data collection from 2017 – 2020, the results showed that in the lower northern economic structure, the first three  outstanding ranking provinces were Kamphaengphet Province for industrial sector, Phitsanulok for trade sector, and Phichit for the agriculture sector.  The results of model specification estimation of the relationship between SMEs register and other determinants affecting the extension of businesses showed that the amount of population and the number of businesses located in the lower north were statistically significant on the business development register. However, the proportion of industrial and services needs to be explored in further research.


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