Anselm’s Ontological Argument And Its Relevance.

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Rev.Dr.Werasak Yongsripanithan


One of the interesting proofs offered for the
existence of God is what is known as the ontological
argument.1 It still has some relevance for today, and it has
modern versions. I divide this article into seven parts. In the
introduction, I give a general idea of why the ontological
argument is still interesting. Secondly, I summarize
St.Anselm’s life for those who do not know him. In the
third part, I introduce the background to St. Anselm’s argument. Fourthly I explain why St. Anselm argues that God cannot be thought not to exist. In the fifth part, I explain St.Anselm’s argument in more detail. Sixthly I pick up Alvin Plantinga’s presentday version of the ontological argument and show how he develops it. The seventh part is the conclusion.

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